Along with the deal, customers will be given a free Sky Hub router which allows customers to get online on their laptops, tablets and mobiles. The package comes with free weekend calls to all landlines.

At just £5.00 per month, customers can enjoy half price broadband. Once the initial year comes to an end, the fee goes up to £10 a month

There is a gift certificate from Marks and Spencer for £25.00 as well. You are required to sign up online to take this offer.

As well as the great deal on broadband you qualify for a £25 gift vouchers with Marks and Spencer. You are required to sign up online to take this offer.

Sky are also keen to advise customers know that they can view films a year before they appear on LoveFilm/ Netflix. If you are looking at changing your supplier then you should take the time to look at this offer from Sky.

It is predicted that the Sky Sport pass is the real deal winner here. With the free pass, customers will have the ability to watch any one of the six Sky Sports channels for a full 24 hours.

OK, so there are freebies included in the deal, so what is the broadband like? The broadband deal is on 16MB of download speed without any cap on data each month.